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CAT! is one of the most interesting Wild Ones Comic series. It is about a Cat named CAT! and his adeventures with Anti-Playdom Group trying to take down Playdom for their greediness once and for all.



Anti-Playdom GroupEdit

Good CharactersEdit


  • Playdom
  • Playdom Guard #1
  • Playdom Guard #2
  • Crazy Freak
  • Viper
  • Assasinator
  • Shockwave
  • Uncle CAT!

Bad CharactersEdit

  • Java
  • The Diamond Queen
  • Baron Von Skunk
  • Jeff
  • Tom
  • Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Dimitri
  • Andrei


  • Gustavo
  • David West
  • John Militia (Founder of Lovelyweather, FYI)
  • Mr. Fur
  • Michael King
  • D-Ice
  • DJ Sunshine
  • Lord Gewinner


Not in Playdom but still helpEdit

  • Mutated Hamster
  • Skeleton
  • Mutated Bat

The Helpful 6

  • Grasshoppa
  • Stinger
  • Oxzilla
  • Boomer
  • Tousk
  • Foxeon


  • Random People
  • CAT! Senior
  • CAT! Junior

Current Creations and ProgressEdit

A Car of Your Choice 40% (Cancelled) Started a bit
Deal Avengers 78% (Cancelled) Almost complete although, it will be not shown until Season 1 is completed.
Against All Odds Part I and II 10% (Cancelled) Already in mind
Season 9 10% (Cancelled) Already in mind
Characters 80% Still working on them
Season 10 80%

Little bit of plans in mind, almost catched up on the art style, everything goes well... far.


Season 1 - The BeginningsEdit

0. How That Happened
  1. Banned!
  2. Group Collectors
  3. Fright Night
  4. A Car of Your Choice
  5. An Unexpected Friend
  6. Spaz Master
  7. You Stole My Drugs
  8. Tiger Reunite
  9. Zombie Chaos
  10. Zynga Allies

Season 2 - Armed RobberiesEdit

  1. Deal Avengers
  2. Grand Theft Cat
  3. Golden Armor
  4. Jail Visit
  5. Revenge Of The Bat
  6. Restaurant Destructors
  7. Laser Fun
  8. Shopping Mayhem
  9. Prison Release
  10. The Big Game

Season 3 - Cyber BlazingEdit

  1. Household Drive-Thru
  2. Who Am I?
  3. No Problem Master Spies
  4. Scamming Awesomness
  5. Inventing With Lionel
  6. Bring The Computer
  7. Turn on, Tune in, Hack all
  8. Ransom
  9. Against All Odds Part I
  10. Against All Odds Part II

Season 4 - Family and ConspiracyEdit

  1. Pleasure Cruise
  2. Old Memories
  3. Family Matters
  4. Uncle Cat
  5. The Master and The Molotov
  6. Trolling Around
  7. Some Wierd APC
  8. Internet Cut Out
  9. Bad Plans
  10. Pron Legacy

Season 5 - Construction FailuresEdit

  1. Invicible and Indestructible
  2. Robot Cat Attacks Part 1
  3. Robot Cat Attacks Part 2
  4. Space Journey
  5. The Black Project
  6. Rescuing The Galapagos
  7. Reuniting The Robots
  8. The Bank Job
  9. World Ultimate Destruction Part 1
  10. World Ultimate Destruction Part 2

Season 6 - The New BeginningsEdit

  1. A Winner's Trouble
  2. No Cat - No Fun
  3. Catamaran Mayhem
  4. Zynga Return
  5. Order Of A Leader
  6. Russian Revolution
  7. Wen Kroy City Fun
  8. Loco Bandito
  9. The Big Return
  10. Noob Mayhem

Season 7 - Packing Up Edit

  1. Roadside Assistance
  2. Lure
  3. The Truth Is Out There
  4. Gone Fishing
  5. Decoy
  6. Multistorey Mayhem
  7. King In Exile
  8. Love On The Run
  9. The Last Stand Pt.1
  10. The Last Stand Pt.2

Season 8 - Cat WarsEdit

  1. Ninja Star
  2. Secret Plans
  3. Captured!
  4. Ninja Star Escape
  5. Chasing the Planets
  6. Space Jam
  7. Battle of Petropolis
  8. The Hedgehog Strikes Back
  9. The Destiny
  10. Into The Ninja Star

Season 9 - The Diamond DominionEdit

  1. Priceless Trouble
  2. Hacked
  3. The Diamond Trinity
  4. 0101100101101111011101010010000001001100011011110111001101100101 (Yes, that is the actual name of episode. u mad?)
  5. Fur Gangstas
  7. Recover
  8. Live The Normal Life
  9. Greetings From The Mayor
  10. Gotta Love The Internet
  11. Lockdown
  12. I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
  13. The Doom Machine
  14. There is No Aliens
  15. Too Close To The Sun Pt.1
  16. Too Close To The Sun Pt.2

Season 10Edit

There will be more seasons/episodes but they will not be in Wild Ones style and might be completely random, not depending on the story.

The story picks off 2 years later after the Downtown was destroyed by a giant diamond-plated air gunship. The story starts off with Peter finishing college and being chased by new enemies, Lovelyweather Security. After he successfully escapes, he goes to friends house to attend a house party. During the party his car is destroyed. After returning home everything is normal until the next day, that will change everyone...

...and Playdom is not a major enemy anymore.

(All episode names after House Party are subject to change.)

Episode name - Brief description of what happens (Bank Heist) - A small bank robber (that goes wrong) to start off the story.

  1. House Party - A party with unexpected car explosions and guests at home
  2. Rainy With A Chance Of Lovelyweather - Fighting off the attacks of Lovelyweather
  3. An Old Friend - Someone returns
  4. Armored Trade - An arms trade being prepared
  5. Death Valley... Literally - An arms trade (that goes wrong)
  6. Go West - David West helps after messing up his trade
  7. Prototype Wars - Electric Fisker Karma prototype + Lovelyweather = Rampage
  8. The Mystery Mansion - Infinite basement.
  9. A "Friendly" Visit - Say "Hi" to David
  10. Gustavo's Adventures - He's not the only one who was on it.
  11. Plan Messer - Someone messes up all of the protagonists plans.
  12. The North Petoka Score Plans - Planning to rob a bank in middle of snowy North Petoka (North Dakota)
  13. The Jeep - Someone chases after the planners.
  14. Crazy Raccoon Guy - We meet... self explanatory.
  15. Furfag Blues - CAT! and Crazy Raccoon Guy got to the Furries for a job
  16. Revelations - The truth about Crazy Raccoon Guy
  17. Senor Taco Burrito - A wierd Mexican
  18. Running Wild - Kuh-boom.
  19. They're (Not) Listening! - Aliens?
  20. Snowing Death - Trouble on the way to the bank.
  21. The North Petoka Score - Bank heist (that also goes wrong) and a train.
  22. Desperation - Definetly a train.
  23. Back From The Dead - Train was wrong?
  24. A Christmas Gift? - Not so happy
  25. Ending The Year With A Big Bang - Blow up the bridge.
  26. Temporary Distraction - Say "Hi" to Lovelyweather.
  27. More episodes to be planned...

Mini ComicsEdit

Mini Comics are a part of development for CAT Comic where characters are not drawn in Wild Ones style, which means that characters have different height, different look, full hands and legs, improved background and many more improvements. They are more of a test run before making the main ones and a little bit of Season 10. They can be any lenght as this is a test run.


  • ...and another nuke

CAT! goes on the rooftop and is shocked seeing a giant nuke bomb. He asks Crashalot what is that and he explains that this nuke can destroy ANY tower to which CAT replies: "Sounds like another fun day to me"

  • Floppy Madness

Peter is looking thorugh something on his computer. He shouts "GODDAMNIT!!!!" and then says: "I'm out of Floppy Disks"

  • House Party

This is way longer comic that these two above and one below. It starts with that unnamed cat finishing college and going to a party. After the ceremony, he is attacked by Lovelyweather, a private army ready to do anything just to get paid, and has to escape.

  • Remote Wars

Richman starts a gameshow where participants have to retrieve a golden TV remote and bring it back to his house. Similar to Capture the flag games. Rules? Use anything you like as long as it will not fully injure or kill the opponents. Soon, it turns into a war with no rules. (It will possibly be a Season 10 Episode)


During the series, multiple deaths occur for various reasons from hands of different people.

  • CAT! Senior - Killed by El Tigre
  • Almost entire population of Galapagos Island - Killed by Playdom after dropping a Game Over Nuke on the island.
  • Multiple zombies - Killed by CAT! in self-defense
  • Cop - Killed by CAT! to escape the Motel
  • Multiple gangsters - Killed by CAT! and Playdom for money and defense
  • Multiple AI trapped gangsters - Killed by getting trapped in The Big Game
  • Multiple Law Enforcement - Killed by Peter in a tank
  • Andrei - Killed by himself after losing on a Russian Roulette
  • Multiple Law Enforcement and innocents - Killed by Robo-Cat
  • Crazy Freak - Killed by Robo-Cat's Supremearmageddon
  • More Law Enforcement and innocents - Killed by Robo-Cat
  • Dimitri - Killed by Vlad
  • Bunch of noobs - Killed by Anti-Playdom Group after they got attacked
  • 5 of Playdom's Attackers - Killed by CAT! to protect Lola
  • Sonny - Killed by CAT! and Crashalot for betraying the group
  • Ninja Star Guards - Killed to escape from the Ninja Star
  • Sonny - Killed for not dying the first time he got killed
  • Blue - Killed in a nuke plant showoff
  • Baron Von Skunk - Killed by a member of The Furries
  • Light Blue - Killed on board of The Icarus
  • Diamond Queen - Killed by Peter after destroying half of Downtown and risking lives of his friends.


  • Most scenes are made in Flash with help of SWF's.
  • Some characters and episodes are parodies of characters and episodes from different shows.
  • It is the first Wild Ones Comic Series ever to have meme/rage faces on pets.