CAT! is one of Main Characters in CAT!

" What are you wearing?!"
Collecting Allies
Gender Male
Species Anthropomorphic Cat
Fur Color Light Blue and White
Birthday July 1
Nationality Spanish
Occupation Leader of Anti-Playdom Group
Relationships Doggie Crashalot (Best Friend)
Lola De Cat (Crush)
Vladimir Petrela (Old Friend)
Sonny (Old Friend)
Playdom (Arch-Enemy)
Debut How That Happened
Vehicles Owned Blue Feltzer
Blue Ocelot 602 Convertible
Voiced by Font Color: Black


Early LifeEdit

CAT! lives in a small town in Spain.

Events of CAT! ComicEdit

CAT! lived with his grandfather in Spain. After he could'nt buy Treats sale, Playdom's goons came to Spain and killed his grandfather and attempted to kill CAT! After successfully escaping, he met Doggie Crashalot and became best friends with him. They started a group named "Anti-Playdom Group" and made a HQ outside a large city in California.Few years later CAT! gets banned for trying to hack Dodo. He went to Playdom's HQ, started fight and destroyed it. Later, he helped rebuild it because Playdom cant unban without a tower. It later got destroyed by Crashalot anyway.Few days later we see CAT! hanging out with his friend and after they got attacked by Lionel, he decides to get more members and reminds himself of old friends. All goes out successful without many injuries. Although, nothing can last forver. CAT! and his team are betrayed. Surviving anyway, he got the betrayer and forced him to betray the one who forced the betrayer to betray CAT! (Confusing, eh?). Being tired of non-stop plane crashes, he gets a new car. Somehow, he managed not to destroy all surroundings in a fight between Playdom. Few days later he meets at his door someone who was fired from Playdom. In an attempt to take revenge, he meets another, crazy, guy when fighting with water pistols. With the revenge plan being ready, he steals 2 million Dollars worth of drugs from under Playdom's bed. After Playdom realising he has been robbed, another employee was fired and CAT! got him on the team to plan a big attack. When the time came, he went to attack Playdom... to find that he got a new powerful friend and his enemies are there to stop him. Team up and 2 new team members totally destroyed Playdom's evil plans.

More info to be written soon...


  • He is Cat with hacked color.
  • He nearly always wears the same clothes: Heart Shirt, IBelt, Grey Pants and Blue Sneakers.
  • The name give to him is unknown Because of the ! at end which means that it is his nickname as surnames dont start/end with !.
  • He is believed to be Spanish but he probably is not.
  • His "father" speaks only Spanish but when he was talking to CAT! he was talking English.
  • He is the first one to make Anti-Playdom Group.
  • Before, His look was supposed to be:Plain Grey Cat with Shirt, Pants and Hat.
  • His favorite game series is Grand Theft Auto.
    • His favorite game in the series is Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
  • In hand-drawn comic he wears a blue shirt with a red hollow star.
    • The red hollow star was inspired by Morningstar's logo from Saints Row The Third.
    • The shirt is different because drawing a giant, pink heart on his shirt on his every appearance would be awkward.

Notable QuotesEdit

"What are you wearing?"
Collecting Allies
Zombie Chaos
"I'm tired of this."
―Many Episodes
"Mierda! ("Sh*t!" in Spanish)"
―Episodes where one of Cat's plans go wrong
―Too Close To The Sun Part 1
"Quality time, eh?"
―Season 10 - Rob The Cars VI
"And to think you were my friend..."
―The Last Stand Part 1
"I'm sorry. You have to make a decision."
―Against All Odds Part 1
"How are you alive?!"
―Battle Of Petropolis
"If he's gonna return again, then he is a Terminator"
―Into The Ninja Star
"a, b, c, d, e, f, g...."
―Internet Cut Out
"I've had enough for today..."
Zynga Allies
"Is everything you have gold-plated?"
―Golden Armor
―Restaurant Destructors
"I am real tired of your crap, Richman"
―Season 10 - Remote Wars
"So... why are we just standing here? You frozen or something?"
―Doggie Crashalot
"Nah, we just almost didn't appear in this episode at all. The raccoon guy put us in this box so we will have the appearance."
"Ah, I see. Wanna go for a drink?"
―Doggie Crashalot
―Season 10 - House Party