Anti-Playdom Group gets new members.

Collecting Allies
Season 1, Episode 2
Date First Page was shown: 11:51, November 17, 2012
Date Last Page was shown: 11:55, November 17, 2012
Character Debuts: Sonny
Vladimir Petrela
Lola De Cat
Episode Guide
"Fright Night"


Everything starts with Cat and Crashalot going to Cinema to hang out. Crashalot, wanting a discount changes into his "student uniform". Cat asks him what is he wearing and soon forces him to chenge in his normal outfit. After they get out, Lionel is waiting with "a gift from Playdom" and blows up Crashalot's jet.

Crashalot is sad and angry because his jet got blown up. Lionel leaves laughing and Cat is just standing. Soon after, they buy a Leviathan helicopter for $150,000.Cat then comes up with idea to recruit new members and tell Crashalot to refill the jet because they are going to "far North-East" (Siberia). Crashalot is confused because why they can't go West instead of East? The answer is International Date Line. After short conversation, Cat calls Vlad to pick him up  and join the group.Vlad agrees and they fly to their next destination.

Spain. Nice, warm place. They find Sonny who joins as well. Now only one person is left. Cat checks the list and freezes. Sonny knows what is going on and who is that. Crashalot asks what is going on and Sonny explains. Lola is Cat's old crush. He always freezes when he sees her (or about to see her) and Sonny dislikes the story. Crashalot asks him if he is jealous because Cat likes Lola and Sonny explains "THIS IS WILD ONES!". Crashalot asks him if he's gay because he dislikes love and anything to do with it that makes Sonny's brain get a BSoD and replies with "let's just say nevermind".

Sony slaps Cat in the face to make him wake up. Cat asks what happened and Sonny says that he froze just like his Elgoog Silver browser - the most laggy, crappy and gay browser. They have short conversation about browsers that Azzilom Foxfire is the best.

Later they arrive to next destination. Lola is in sight and Cat freezes which causes to get front of heli heavier and flip upside-down which causes a crash. Crashalot asks if she wants to join Anti-Playdom Group but Lola replies that no because Playdom didn't scam her. Playdom then calls and scams her and she joins.

Back in home. Crashalot's jet is repaired but Lionel comes back with another "gift". Cat says he's got one as well and Lola, Vlad and Sonny jump out and attack Lionel. Lionel escapes and Cat tells him to not forgt about the gift.