Diamond Kingdom
First Appearance Season 9 Episode 1
Downfall Season 9 Episode 20
Locations Entire east side of Petropolis
Leader Diamond Queen (2019)
Type World domination gang
Enemies Everyone
Affiliations Playdom
Vehicles of choice Icarus
Weapons of choice Diamond Sword
Stop Sign
Businesses owned Diamond dealing
Members and Associates Diamond Queen
Baron Von Skunk
Light Blue
Fronts Power Plant

Diamond Kingdom is the most dangerous gang there ever was. The gang slowly started to form at the end of Season 3 with only two mebers and reached full power during Season 9.

The Diamond HistoryEdit

After an ultimate defeat, Java decided to leave Playdom and try her luck elsewhere. Meeting a rich, Diamond obsessed woman, they decide to start a gang to destroy the good guys and rule the city. With, infinite amout of Diamonds, the Diamond Kingdom was made. In Season 9, Diamond Queen and Java decide to hack Nicole so she will become an valuable member with superpowers. After a successful trap in Nicole's house, she got taken over along with the entire place. Soon, three new members are recruited, production of the ultimate doom machine, the Icarus takes place and plans to take over the world are made.

Unfinished... Still writing the story.

If The Price Is RightEdit

Unfinished... Still writing the story.


Ironically, the Icarus is taken down along with the entire gang, grounding down most of Downtown Petropolis, all members were wiped and the gang was put into history.