Doggie Crashalot or just Crashalot is one of main characters in CAT!

" That's 999,999th time that I crashed!"
Collecting Allies
Doggie Crashalot
Gender Male
Species Anthropomorphic Dog
Fur Color Yellow and Yellow
Birthday Unknown
Nationality American
Occupation Co-Leader of Anti-Playdom Group
Relationships CAT! (Best Friend)
Lola De Cat (Friend)
Vladimir Petrela (Friend)
Sonny (Friend)
Playdom (Arch-Enemy)
Debut How That Happened
Vehicles Owned Jet
Voiced by Font Color: Dark Green


  • He always crashes his plane (Even a Simulator).
  • He wears pilot helmet with Black Shades.
  • He wears Unreleased version of pants - Black Skull Pants.
  • He was hiding in Spain after being chased away from US.
  • His first look was supposed to be Yellow Dog with Pilot hat and shirt.