Koala Bar's so called Icon

Little is known about Koala Bars. However he/she is known to be one of the most famous hackers/scammer in the history of Wild Ones. This is the list of almost all of what he/she did:

  • Pretended to be a Girl ( We don't exactly know what gender is he/she.)
  • Around the month of January 2010, he/she tried to sell the unrelease Cat for about $5.
  • He/She also tried to sell the unreleased bat for about $10.
  • He/She sold the unreleased Armadillo for $50. Note: The Armadillio is invisible and digs bigger and faster than normal released armadillos.
  • Threatens people that he/she is going to hack his/her account.
  • Placed 1st place in the Leaderboards to promote his/her hacks.
  • Creates a YouTube account and claims that he/she needs money.
  • Hacks Infinite Weapons.
  • Leaked a picture of the Hamster.
  • His era ended August 2010 and the Migo era starts.
  • Koala Bars fans are called Koala Heads.
  • There are about 320 brainless Koala Heads.
  • When ask who is Koala Bars, some Wild Ones forum members will reply that it's just a candy bar.