Lord Angrybird or Angrybird is one of main characters in CAT!.

Lord Angrybird
Gender Male
Species Anthropomorphic Bird
Fur Color Red and Green
Birthday Unknown
Nationality European
Occupation Lord (Formerly)
Relationships CAT! (Friend)
Doggie Crashalot (Friend)
Playdom (Enemy)
Lord Gewinner (Arch-Enemy)
Debut Spaz Master
Vehicles Owned Red Beater Car
Voiced by Font Color:
Dark Green(Normal)
Red(When curses)


  • He is a parody of Lord Tourettes from Dick Figures and Red Bird from Angry Birds.The name and his behaviour proves it.
  • Used to be a Lord in a very tiny country called Spazilandia, but he got kicked out of his throne and doesnt have the "Lord" title anymore. Although he likes to call himself "Lord".