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None, because it was cancelled

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Prototype is an upcoming short movie that Migo1090. You could visit this page for more information.


  • Prototype - a rejected Migobot that decided to save the world from threat like Robo Aliens and Zynga the dog.
  • 1st Robo Alien - this alien was fodderized by Prototype
  • 2nd Robo Alien - this alien can hack the Prototype system. It also hacks Hidden Arsenal pictures so that it's powers evolves.It lives in the Philippines.
  • 3rd Robo Alien - this alien has the perfect body that can not affected by diseases. It lives in China.
  • 4th Robo Alien - The strongest Robo Alien. This thing can copy and survive any brutal attacks. It lives in USA.

Prototype Fan Fiction EpisodeEdit

  • Episode 1 - I WAS REJECTED!!!!

Prototype was a rejected Migobot from Migotopia. The Migolians decided it's trash and use their spaceship to launch it on a planet called Earth. Feeling rejected, Prototype decided to prove the Migolians that they were wrong. While on earth, Prototype hunted Robot Alien that threaten the planet. Prototype decided to be the savior of the earth.

  • Episdoe 2 - ROBO HACKER?

Prototype discovered that there are 4 Robo Alien in the surface of the earth. Prototype killed the first Robo Alien with a Prototype Bazooka. It decided to face the 2nd Robo Alien living in the Philippines. However, this Robo Alien is different for it can hack Prototype's system. How can Prototype stop this hacker from hacking Facebook and porn?

  • Episode 3 - ROBO VIRUS!!!

The 2nd Robo Alien decided to create a program that spreads viruses in the Internet. Many people died while watching this films. Prototype decided to drink tea and do nothing.

  • Episode 4 - ROBO PERFECT!

Prototype approaches the 2nd Robo Alien. The 2nd Robo Alien tries to seduce Prototype. However Prototype has no feelings and is not affected by the 2nd Robo Alien's body . After a neverending fight, Prototype uses a copy of BL magazine to make the 2nd Robo Alien's body grow and explode.


  • Migo1090 announce the production of Prototype on 7/31/2011
  • It appears that this movie has been cancelled, because of lack of updates.
  • Migo1090 has submitted a better trailer of Prototype. This trailer has a sounds unlike before.
  • Chick Here . Migo1090 officially cancelled Prototype. Shinji would replace it.



Prototype Trailer

Prototype Trailer

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