Do you mean WildWarren (character)? The main character of The Big Bang of Wild Ones?

WildWarren is a Wild Ones player that uses Wild Ones characters to make a comic series.


  • He created the most number of comics that uses Wild Ones characters.
    • Farmville scams a Cat
    • The Adventures of Naruto the Dog
    • Wild Piece
    • The Secret of the Unicorn Stable
    • Zynga's Evil Group of Destruction
    • Christmas Bonanaza Tournament
    • Wild Ones scams a Pig
    • Cat Joined Team Panda
  • He won 7th place in Wild Ones Mini-Pet Design Contest. 
  • He owns the "Ultimate Wild Ones Comics" fan page in Facebook that has over 1000+ likes.
  • He is an admin of "Wild Ones Wiki ", "Wild Ones Comics Wiki " and "Wild Ones Fan Fiction Wiki ".